Path Tracer
A real-time path tracer, with motion blur, depth of field, adaptative denoise, and several materials. Still a bit noisy, but it's only 1 sample per pixel !
[pathtracing, denoise, raymarching, sdf, ]

Limits to Growth
This is an exploration of the limits to growth, with a diffuse limited aggregation algorithm, inspired by the book of the same name by Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, Jørgen Randers, and William W. Behrens III.
[dla, palette, 2d, ]

A circle inversion
[inversion, fractal, ]

A simple iterative fractal explorer
[ifs, fractal, ]

Path Tracer
A simple path tracer
[pathtracer, raymarching, ]

Fluid simulator. You can play with your mouse to add color.
[fluid, fields, mouse, ]

Diffuse Limited Aggregation, to create an Ice structure. You can play with your mouse to melt the ice.
[dla, particles, fields, mouse, ]

A slime mold building a transport network. You can play with your mouse to erase the chemical field.
[physarum, particles, fields, mouse, network, ]

Android birds trying to sync their movement and blinking. You can play with your mouse to attract them.
[boids, particles, mouse, ]

Reaction Diffusion
Move your mouse to explore the generation of different patterns.
[cellular automata, reaction diffusion, mouse, ]

Game of Life
Conway's Game of Life
[cellular automata, life, mouse, ]

Color IFS
A simple colorized IFS fractal
[fractal, ifs, mouse, ]