What is morphopoiesis ?

It is a place to explore digital morphogenesis. A notebook to study the synthesis of form. The meaning of the word morphogenesis comes from the prefix morpho meaning form in greek, and the suffix genesis meaning origin. So the word literally means the origin of form. Poiesis means creation.

Where does form comes from? What are the rules that allow the creation of patterns that we see in nature? Is it all random, or there is mystery waiting to be discovered? Among many, two famous scientist tried to answer these questions. Darcy Thompson with its book "On Growth and Form" and Alan Turing with its article "The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis".

In its article, Turing gave an answer in the form of a mathematical model of pattern generation, called a reaction-diffusion system. Today, with all the compute power that is available to us, these models are able to be run in real-time. So, this is a place to explore these computer models of pattern generation, and generate little works of art in the process.